Street Organiser role

Calling community-based creatives, artists, playmakers, organisers and people of the streets. We are looking for individuals who can dream up, organise and co-host interactive events on the street to bring strangers together.

You would be continuing Street Scenes’ long-running efforts to bring culture to the streets and make them more friendly.

You would prepare, promote, host and document two short events (just over an hour each) to be held weekly over the course of two weeks. Here’s some info on how to run them

The events could be dreamed up by you or come from our existing repertoire. As an example, our weekly readings series involve different people leading readings and encouraging passers-by to get involved: We are keen to support new activities that you may come up with.

Specific tasks

The organiser would be asked to complete the following:

  • Devise and host two events to be held over two weeks in the same location on the street (for example by Altab Ali park) preferably Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
  • Invite volunteers from their networks (email, social media, word of mouth) to co-host the events.
  • Help us test and improve our event organiser system:
  • Encourage people to attend Street Scenes events. Publicise the events through their or other relevant networks.
  • Produce content for four social media posts (event promos before and documentation after) and an email to be used to promote the events on Street Scenes channels.
  • Reach out to the media, bloggers or influencers to expand coverage.

You will also have the option to participate in fundraising for Street Scenes, with the objective of developing those skills and potentially extend the position.

The successful candidate will be supported by Street Scenes alongside House Of Annetta.

This role would suit someone local who is beginning their journey into cultural work or social organising, though all enthusiastic candidates will be considered.

This is a short-term, paid commission. We expect that this work, including hosting the two street sessions should come to no more than two day’s work paid at £200 in total (incl. tax and expenses).

To apply email with a CV, a maximum of 100 words explaining your interest in and relevant experience for the role and create a suitable, dummy Instagram post for an event with photograph/s.

We accept submissions anytime.

Any questions at all, please email:

Updated: March 2024