What sort of scenes?

When we turn up on the streets, we always have some entertainment to share with passing strangers. Lots of activities and games are suitable for sharing with strangers on the street.

We want our events to welcome everyone so, for example, we think about how activities will be experienced by families.

You will probably meet more people if you bring along something small to show or play with, like origami, drawing materials. Others might be able to bring an entertainment too – there doesn’t have to be just one activity, although that’s often easier.


Blind Drawing

Just draw your friend, or something on the street, but don’t look at the page!

A light-hearted way to exercise drawing technique whilst making friends.



The Smellery

Have just a few interesting herbs to hand and offer passers-by something nice to smell.

Some will be confused, others very charmed.



Letter Writing

Catch up with family and friends in the old fashioned way.

There’s nothing quite like receiving a letter.

We provide paper, envelope and pens.




The Thought Exchange

People just write a short thought on a scrap of paper, put it in the box, and pick out another stranger’s thought.

In this simple, but mystical way, strangers share sentiments…



Even basic origami patterns, like the jumping frog make for a nice street session.



Needle, thread and some baubles or rag will let you customise people to memorable effect.

You’ll make people very happy this way.


Mystery Call

Two, bright red, old style landline telephones which are connected. We place them on two street benches round the corner from each other.

We invite friends and strangers to sit by the phone on one end and wait for a stranger to pick up the other for a chat.


Blind Mate

Bring some blindfolds and ask a few members of the public if they’d like to “meet strangers whilst blindfolded”.

In the right situation, they’ll say yes.

Bring them together before they’ve seen each other, have them hold hands and get the conversation going, then leave them to it. It’s a sort of magic.


We often hold group and solo readings. Taking turns to read short stories and other interesting pieces accessible to all, we entertain each other and passers by, who can’t help but overhear.


We’ve had many more activities over the years, check out our Instagram for more curious examples.